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For those that have known us for awhile & others that may also find it to be of interest. 
As some of you know I (Brad Jr.) have suffered the past several years with health issues.  I've had several surgeries and am now on the mend, growing stronger and feeling better than I have for a few years.  I look forward to being able to get back to some of what I have had to give up these past few years and maybe even a new adventure or two.

Dad (Brad Sr.) is planning to retire from truck driving this Summer and has expressed interest in getting into some small scale crop farming, gardening, building, cutting & splitting firewood and maybe even enjoying life on the farm that we all have worked so many years to get where it is today. 

Mom (Donna; AKA Auntie Donna or Grandma to most) Is doing pretty good and seems to be recovering well from her heart problems last Summer.  She still suffers daily with her Arthritis and such but is very active and seldom stops to rest.  Her life centers around the Grandchildren, housekeeping, the dogs, and making sure the rest of us are staying busy and working/playing nicely.

We have made several changes here, one major change is due to family health concerns we have had to cut back our numbers of critters and our work load.  We are currently keeping only a small number of adult breeder age dogs and will only be breeding a few litters a year.  
Many of our other critters including our horses and most of our exotics have been found new homes where they will be loved and well cared for.  We do still have our small herd of Highland Cattle, our Bengal/ Pixiebob/farm cat cross moussing cats and a small flock of insect eating egg producing free range poultry.  
This Website last edited on 07/24/2014

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